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Below, you will find all of our Fake High School Diploma customization options. We make replica-quality, fake High School diplomas customized to your exact specifications and featuring just about whatever information you would like (there are a few things we can’t or won’t do though, so please read our “What We Won’t Do” page before continuing!).

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  • Fake High School Diploma Design & Layout

    All of our diploma templates have been designed to look exactly like the REAL diplomas offered by many of High Schools throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • See images of all available template designs below or Click Here
  • See our Fake High School Diploma Page to view available options
  • 3/4-inch, hexagon-shaped, tamper-proof security holograms that say "Authentic" when held at certain angles.
  • Note! - Your email copy / "proof" will be a .JPEG image of the final, printed product. Email copies typically arrive within 24-48 hours. We then allow approximately 24 hours for your final approval before shipping your order. Choosing this option may slightly delay shipment / delivery of your order with our Express shipping options.
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High School Diploma
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