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Frequently Asked Questions

Novelty Diplomas, Transcripts & Degrees

"How realistic and authentic looking are your novelty diplomas and transcripts?"

The novelty diplomas, transcripts and certificates we produce are as close as to the real thing as you can get without spending years in school and tens of thousands of dollars.

We realize that most people who are interested in purchasing a “fake diploma” or “fake transcripts”, want the diploma, transcripts or certificate they purchase from us to look as “real” as possible. All of our diploma templates, transcript templates, seal designs and materials we use to make our diplomas are based on and modeled after REAL diplomas and transcripts from some of the largest colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world. In many cases, the novelty diplomas, transcripts and certificates we produce end up looking MORE authentic than the genuine diploma, transcripts or certificate that you would be issued from most large colleges and universities.

If you are looking for a replica or authentic-quality novelty diploma, certificate, transcript or degree, you are in luck. We are absolutely confident that you could show any of the products we sell to ANYONE and they would never guess that it is a novelty diploma, transcript or certificate you ordered online.

"What diploma and certificate sizes do you offer?”

Unlike many of our competitors, Cheaper-than-Tuition now offers diplomas in a variety of sizes – Even the more difficult, more expensive to produce “wide format” sizes.

Our diplomas are available in the following sizes:

8.5 x 11 – Most High School & Bachelor diplomas

11 x 14 – Common Master & Ph.D. diploma sizes

8.5 x 14 – Common European diploma/certificate sizes

11 x 17 – Common European Master & Ph.D diploma/certificate sizes

"Do your novelty diplomas, certificates and transcripts have any watermarks or anything printed on them that says that it is a 'novelty', fake or from Cheaper-than-Tuition?"

NO – our products do not feature any type of permanent “watermark” and there is nothing permanently printed on any of our products labeling or insinuating they are “fake” in any way. Our products DO come with a small sticker placed on the back however labeling them as a “Novelty Document”. We highly suggest checking with your local laws first if you plan on removing this sticker.

"Do your diplomas come with a diploma frame or diploma cover?"

We now offer high quality, university-grade, padded leatherette diploma covers in a variety of colors for diploma sizes 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 14 inches.

As far as diploma frames are concerned, we don’t currently offer these due to the fact that they can commonly be damaged during shipping. If you are looking for a high quality diploma frame, you can generally find a great selection at one of your local department stores, custom framing stores, other online websites that specialize in diploma frames and even college bookstores.

"Can you make novelty transcripts for a University from Canada, Australia or Great Britain / England / The U.K.?"

YES! – Our online order forms are largely set-up for U.S. and Canada grading formats though, so if you would like to order a set of fake university transcripts, that use something other than the standard grading format used in the U.S. and Canada, we recommend downloading our Custom Transcript Form (in .DOCX Microsoft Word Format; right-click + “save as” if clicking the link alone doesn’t work), filling in as much information as you can and then contacting us.

"I want to order a set of fake transcripts but I want to specify the exact classes, grades and GPA and maybe even just list a few classes so it looks like I didn't graduate. Is this something you offer?"

YES! – You can either have us choose which classes to list on your transcript based on your desired degree type, major and grades/GPA or we DO offer the option for you to tell us EXACTLY what information you would like on your transcripts (useful if you want the transcript to show that you only took a few classes and didn’t graduate). This option can require a bit more work on our end though, so we do charge a $49.99 fee for this service.

For more information or if you would like to go ahead and get started, please download our Custom Transcript Form (Microsoft Word .DOCX file; right-click > “Save As” if clicking the link itself doesn’t begin the download).

After completing this form with all of your desired information, you can upload it when you submit your order using our Transcript Order Form or Diploma + Transcripts Order Form.

"If I send you a copy of my real, existing transcripts from The University of ___________________ , can you match it? I just want to have a few grades changed."

We can most likely produce custom novelty transcripts with your desired information or changes using one of our own custom transcript templates (assuming your school’s name isn’t on our What We Won’t Do List). Using our Custom Transcript Form, you can actually customize and tell us EXACTLY what classes, grades, semesters, GPA, etc. you would like to have listed on your transcript. We do however charge an additional $49.99 for this option since it generally requires a bit more work on our part.

For more information or if you would like to go ahead and get started, please download our Custom Transcript Form (Microsoft Word .DOCX file; right-click > “Save As” if clicking the link itself doesn’t begin the download).

After completing this form with all of your desired information, you can upload it when you submit your order using our Transcript Order Form or Diploma + Transcripts Order Form.

"Do your fake transcripts come in a sealed envelopes?"

Most of our customers prefer to view a copy of their transcripts and all of the information listed before showing it to anyone and also to ensure all of the information on the transcript is correct, so our transcripts do not come in sealed envelopes.

This may be an option we offer in the future though, so if you absolutely need your novelty transcripts to include official-looking sealed transcript envelopes, check back with us soon!

Novelty Certificates & Other Products

"Do you guys make fake TESOL or TEFL Certificates (aka: 'Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages' Certificates)?"

YES! – We have just recently updated our site and haven’t added the “Novelty Certificates & Awards” page quite yet if you don’t see it under the “Products” or “Store” links above. This IS something we can do though. Contact Us for more information!

"Do you make any fake Fraternity of fake Sorority membership certificates or awards?"

YES! – We have just recently updated our site and haven’t added the “Novelty Certificates & Awards” page quite yet if you don’t see it under the “Products” or “Store” links above. This IS something we can do though. Contact Us for more information!

Questions Regarding Employment, “Verification” & Using a “Fake Degree”.

"How realistic are your fake degrees? Could I use one to apply for a better job or promotion?"

Our Fake Degrees are the closest thing you will find without actually spending years and tens of thousands of dollars attending an actual college or university.

The novelty diplomas and transcripts we offer very often look MORE “legit” and authentic than the real versions do! Surprisingly, not a lot of colleges and universities (including even some of the biggest colleges or universities in the world) put a lot of effort into the design or quality of their diplomas and transcripts. On top of that, the diploma and transcript layouts, seal designs, signatures and paper can vary from year to year, and in quite a few cases, a diploma from the same school and the same year can look quite a bit different just depending on what type of degree you receive or what you major in.

WITH THIS SAID, as our Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions state, we DO NOT suggest or condone using any of our products to try to obtain a job, a raise or for anything other than what would be considered novelty use, gag/practical joke purposes, use on film sets or for decoration. Using any of our products for any type of dishonest purposes, such as including it on a job application, can even be considered illegal in some circumstances (albeit rare circumstances… We imagine you would most likely just not get a call back for an interview).

So, bottom line… Please keep in mind that all of the products and services we offer are designed and intended strictly for NOVELTY USE ONLY.

"If I buy a fake diploma, transcript or degree from you, could I use it on a College or University application?"

Same as the answer to the question above, please keep in mind that all of the products and services we offer are designed and intended STRICTLY FOR NOVELTY USE ONLY. Be sure to thoroughly read our Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions before ordering.

"Do you offer any type of fake diploma or fake degree 'Verification Service'?"

NO – Seeing as all of the products we produce are designed and intended strictly for novelty use only, we DO NOT offer any type of fake diploma or fake degree “verification service”.

… Sorry. =/

"What if my employer wants to check? How do employers verify someone's college degree to know if it is real or not?"

Once again, all of the products and services we,, sell are designed, produced and intended for NOVELTY USE ONLY. We DO NOT suggest, advise or condone using any of out products or services for anything other than novelty uses (practical jokes, decoration, theatrical productions, film sets, etc.).


"What payment options do you accept?"

YES! – We DO accept credit card payments!


Cheaper-than-Tuition now accepts secure, online Visa, MasterCard and JCB credit card payments from customers in most countries worldwide.


Mail Order (U.S. Customers)

We accept the following types of payments by mail: PERSONAL CHECK, CASHIER’S CHECK, MONEY ORDER and CASH (in U.S. Dollar). We receive most mail order payments and begin production within 1-3 days from the date your payment was mailed. Full details and instructions for submitting your order and order payment by mail will be provided at checkout.


Please Note – We apologize for the inconvenience but we DO NOT currently accept PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram or any other payment option not listed above. 

If you have any other questions regarding payment options or ways to pay for your order, feel free to Contact Us and ask! We sincerely appreciate your business!


"Do you offer email 'proofs' before your orders are shipped?"

Not typically.

We have considered offering an “email proof” option for an extra $15 or $25 like some of our competitors, but from our perspective, this seems like just something a lot of our competitors do to try and squeeze an extra few bucks out of the customer… and depending on how quickly the customer replies with their approval of the email proof sent, can even add an extra day or two to our quoted delivery times.

Maybe it is because our diploma templates, transcript templates, seal designs and paper options are already displayed on the appropriate pages throughout our website, but we rarely receive requests for “proofs”. If this is something you absolutely require though, Contact Us. For an extra $10 or so, we can probably arrange to just email you a copy of the completed product before shipping.

"Do you ship to ____________________?"

We ship to the vast majority of countries worldwide! The only countries we DON’T ship to are generally the ones that are restricted or prohibited by many of the postal and mailing services in the U.S. and are listed on our What We Won’t Do page.

For more information on shipping methods, prices and packaging, please see our Shipping page.

Return Policy & Guarantees

"How do I know you are legit and I am not going to get ripped off or scammed?"

Cheaper-than-Tuition is one of the few “fake diploma” websites that actually accepts credit cards, which provides customers with a safe way to purchase from us – and worse case scenario, if we were a rip-off and tried to “scam” you – paying by credit card, you could dispute the charges and get your money back if we didn’t deliver on what you purchased from us.

fake diploma guaranteeDon’t worry though – we won’t make you jump through hoops if you are not satisfied with the product you purchase from us. Many other “novelty diploma” or “fake degree” websites can be vague when it comes to exactly what they offer, the true quality of their diplomas, transcripts and certificates, and what they will and won’t do. We believe in being as up front and honest about our products as possible. At Cheaper-than-Tuition, what you see is what you get and if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with anything you purchase from us, we offer a no-hassle, 100% satisfaction, return policy and money-back guarantee!

Customer Privacy & Other Policies

"I really don't want ANYONE finding out that I am buying a fake degree online. Now or EVER. What assurances can you give me?"

Everything we produce is very safely and discreetly packaged and shipped with no mention of or reference to this website listed anywhere on the package or return address (for more info on packaging and shipping, please see our Shipping page).

Furthermore, we have a strict, iron-clad, you-aren’t-getting-customer-information-without-a-warrant, Privacy Policy and your order (as well as the exact details of what you order from us) are generally only stored in our system (in a secure database located on a secure server in a secure data center FAR away from us) for 90 days.