Novelty High School Transcripts

Our fake high school transcripts are incredibly realistic, completely customizable, come printed on real copy-proof security paper and are available in a variety of colors. Choose your own school name, grade point average, graduation date and more!

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High School Transcript Customization Options!

You can have whatever name you wish printed on your custom fake high school transcripts. It can be your name or the name of a friend or family member. The choice is yours.
YES! – You can choose any high school name you would like to be printed on your fake transcripts!
On our Fake Transcript Order Form & Fake Diploma + Transcript Order Form we offer a wide range of grades and “grade-point averages” (GPA’s). Everything from “I totally failed college” to a perfect “I got straight-A’s!” 4.00.
Rather you want us to print a 1950 graduation date or a 2050 graduation date, this option is entirely up to you.

Optional Features

Fake University Transcript Hologram (T03-RED)

Security Holograms

You can now choose to add one of our gold 3/4-inch hexagonal or silver 3/4-inch square document security holograms to the back side of our fake high school transcripts for an additional $4.99!

Fake University Transcript Stamped "Issued to Student" (T03-RED)

“Issued to Student” Stamp

You can also choose to have your fake transcripts stamped “ISSUED TO STUDENT” at no additional charge.

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Not only do we offer fast, FREE Priority Shipping with tracking numbers to all U.S. customers, we also offer a variety of other production and shipping methods including Worldwide Shipping and Express 3-Day Delivery for those of you that need a diploma FAST.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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We offer a complete 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and  a No-Hassle Return Policy, so – as opposed to most of our “competitors” – there is no worry about being scammed, ripped-off or not getting what you paid for.

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