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HS-D02 // Fake High School Diploma Template

High School Diploma Customization Options

You can choose whatever name you wish to be printed on your fake high school diploma, rather it be your name, a friend or family member’s name or a completely made up name. All of the fake high school diplomas, fake high school transcripts and fake GED certificates we make are intended for novelty purposes, so the choice is yours.


The VAST majority of High School names aren’t a problem! As a matter of fact, the few names we can’t print on your fake High School diploma are the few that we have been specifically asked not to (at the request of certain REAL High Schools that REALLY haven’t been impressed with the types of products and services we offer), so just be sure to check our “What We Won’t Do” page before ordering.

The “graduation date” we print on our fake high school diplomas is entirely your choice!

For a FULL list of the fake high school diploma customization options we offer, check out our Fake High School Diploma Online Order Form.

High School Diploma Template Options

x (x)
  • High School Diploma Design (HS-D01)
  • Novelty High School Diploma (HS-D02)
  • High School Diploma Template (HS-D03)
  • Fake High School Diploma Design (HS-D04)
  • Fake State Board of Education High School Diploma
  • Fake High School Diploma Template (HS-D06)

Diploma Seal Design Options

All of our fake high school diplomas come with your choice of one of our custom, authentic-looking printed seal designs or even one of our REAL embossed seal designs in your choice gold, silver, red or blue foil at no additional charge!

  • SEAL DESIGN // C01
    SEAL DESIGN // C01
  • SEAL DESIGN // C02
    SEAL DESIGN // C02
  • SEAL DESIGN // C03
    SEAL DESIGN // C03
  • SEAL DESIGN // C04
    SEAL DESIGN // C04
  • SEAL DESIGN // C05
    SEAL DESIGN // C05
  • SEAL DESIGN // C06
    SEAL DESIGN // C06
  • SEAL DESIGN // C07
    SEAL DESIGN // C07
  • SEAL DESIGN // C08
    SEAL DESIGN // C08
  • SEAL DESIGN // C09
    SEAL DESIGN // C09
  • SEAL DESIGN // C10
    SEAL DESIGN // C10

Diploma Paper Options

All of our fake High School diplomas are printed on the same type of parchment paper REAL High School diplomas are printed on. We offer a variety of colors ranging from modern white card stock to tan “aged” parchment and everything in between. This is just one of the many things that sets us apart from other “fake diploma” websites and assures that your fake High School diploma will look as realistic as possible.

Diploma Paper | Parchment Color Options

Optional Features

Diploma Covers

Diploma Covers

We offer university quality padded leatherette diploma covers in a variety of colors for both 8.5 x 11-inch ($24.99) and 11 x 14-inch ($29.99) diploma sizes.

Gold Security Diploma Holograms


You can now choose to add one of our gold 3/4-inch hexagonal document security holograms to the back side of our fake diplomas for an additional $4.99!

Get Your Diploma …FAST.


We offer fast, FREE USPS Shipping on all orders as well as 3-Day and 5-Day Express production and shipping options for those of you that need your diploma in a hurry!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee seal

We offer a complete 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a No-Hassle Return Policy. There is never any worry about being scammed, ripped-off or not getting what you paid for!

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