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(Quick Disclaimer: While we appreciate the media coverage, please do NOT use any of our products on your resumes to "land jobs". All products sold by are DESIGNED AND INTENDED STRICTLY FOR NOVELTY AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Using our products for anything other than their intended use could be considered dishonest, lead to embarrassing situations and could possibly be illegal in certain circumstances. In other words... use our products to impress your friends, in-laws and Internet dates... DO NOT list a diploma you purchased from us on your resume. They are NOT REAL. Please refer to our Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions for more on the acceptable use of our products.

Diploma Customization Options

You can have whatever name you wish printed on your fake college diploma or certificate, rather it be your name, a friend or family member’s name or even a humorous or completely bogus name. All of the fake diplomas, certificates and degrees we offer are intended solely for novelty uses or as gag gifts, so the choice is entirely yours.
We can print virtually any school, college or university name you would like or can think of on your diploma! We can even produce replica or replacement diplomas and certificates for many CLOSED COLLEGES, SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES that you may have attended and graduated from but are unable to obtain a replacement for your real diploma (Click here to view a Wikipedia list of closed colleges, schools and universities in the U.S. by state).
You can choose whatever degree type you would like to have printed on your college diploma (as long as it isn’t related to anything medical or any of the other select types of degrees listed on our What We Won’t Do page). Common examples would include Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration (“BBA”), Master of Business Administration (“MBA”) and Doctorate/Ph.D. degrees.
As with degree types, you can choose whatever type of major you like.  Some examples of fake degree majors that are commonly requested would be majors in Business Administration, Finance, Sociology, Theology, Fine Art, Communications, and Computer Science. IF YOU ARE ALSO ORDERING MATCHING FAKE COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS, the type of degree you would like may be a tad more limited based on the fake transcript class lists / curriculums we have available though, so you might want to check out our Fake Diploma & Transcript Online Order Form and take a look at the options on the “Type of Degree” drop-down menu. We DO also offer the option of specifying the EXACT information you would like to have printed on your Fake Diploma and transcripts though, so anything is possible. Check out our Fake Transcript Online Order Form for a full list of current options or Contact Us. The only types of fake degrees and majors we do not offer (even though all of our products are strictly intended for novelty use only) would be anything relating to medicine, medical professions or a few certain other types of degrees (listed HERE).
Rather you want us to print a 1950 graduation date or a 2050 graduation date, this option is entirely up to you. … Oh, and if you would like to buy a fake diploma or transcript because the college or university you attended CLOSED (like MANY do each and every year all around the world), you might want to do a little research before hand to know exactly when they closed so you can choose an appropriate graduation date. Bet you hadn’t thought of that, had you. ?
When it comes to fake college diplomas, fake university diplomas and fake college degrees, we also offer “Cum Laude”, “Magna Cum Laude” and “Summa Cum Laude” honors options. These types of honors are commonly found on U.S. and Canadian diplomas and certificates. If you are ordering a fake university diploma or fake university certificate for a school, college, university or institution outside of the U.S. or Canada that uses a different grading scale and honours system, we will substitute it with the equivalent honours for your appropriate grading system. For example, “Magna Cum Laude” honors in the U.S. and Canada are roughly equivalent to “First Class Honours, Lower Division” for colleges and universities in the UK and other schools throughout Europe. If you are purchasing a set of fake college transcripts with your order, you can even specify your own list of classes/courses taken, grades, grade point average (GPA) and more!
For a FULL list of the fake diplomafake degree, and fake certificate customization options we offer, check out our Fake Diploma Online Order Form or our Fake Diploma and Transcripts Online Order Form!
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Novelty College/University Diploma Template Options

All of the fake diploma template design options we offer have been designed to look as realistic as possible and much like many of the REAL diplomas issued by many of the biggest and most prestigious Colleges and Universities in the U.S., Canada and around the globe. If you are looking for the most realistic, true replica quality fake diplomas, certificates and degrees online, look no further than Cheaper-than-Tuition!

Diploma Seal Design Options

Diploma Paper Color & Size Options

The diplomas we produce are printed on university quality 65lb. parchment paper and are available in a variety of colors/shades. Additionally, we also offer a wide range of print sizes including standard 8.5″x 11″, large format 11″x 14″ (commonly used for Masters Degree diplomas and Doctorate/Ph.D. diplomas) as well as European standard and large format prints (8.5″x 14″ & 11″x 17″) for some of our U.K. and European diploma and certificate designs.

Optional Features

Check Out Some of Our Fake Diploma Samples!

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So you might be thinking…

1"How realistic are your fake diplomas and certificates?"
The fake diplomas and certificates we produce are as close as to the real thing as you can get without spending years in school and tens of thousands of dollars.

We realize that most people interested in purchasing a “fake diploma” want the diploma or certificate to look as “real” as possible. All of our diploma templates, seal designs and materials we use to make our diplomas are based on and modeled after REAL diplomas from some of the largest colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world. In many cases, the novelty diplomas and certificates we produce end up looking MORE authentic than the genuine diploma that you would be issued from most large colleges and universities.

If you are looking for a replica or authentic-quality novelty diploma, certificate or degree, you are in luck. We are absolutely confident that you could show any of the products we sell to ANYONE and they would never guess that it is a novelty diploma you ordered online.
2"Is buying a fake diploma illegal?"

All of the diplomas, certificates, transcripts and degrees we make DO look extremely realistic and are designed to look very real but are strictly intended for novelty uses only (for decoration, gag gifts, use on film sets or just something cool to hang on your wall to impress your friends for example).

We never suggest or condone using any of our products for any other purpose (such as presenting a replica diploma purchased from us to an employer as a REAL diploma you earned and were awarded from a real school, college or university in the hopes of receiving a job or promotion). Doing so is just dishonest.

While lying or exaggerating your qualifications on a resume seems to be common practice these days, might not be technically illegal and will most likely just lead to an uncomfortable situation if you get caught, in some extreme circumstances (such as applying for certain types of government jobs where it expressly states on a form or application that lying or falsifying information is an offense punishable by law) doing so may be illegal or considered fraud.

We just ask that you keep all these things in mind before purchasing any of our products and understand how our products are intended to be used and not to be used.

Any questions regarding using any of our products for any type of employment, dishonest, nefarious or potentially illegal purposes will not be answered and will most likely result in us banning you from making any purchases from us.
3"Can I use it to apply for a job or get a promotion?"
Although we pride ourselves on the realistic quality of all of our novelty diplomas and certificates, they are exactly that… novelty items that are only intended to be used as such.

As our Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions state, we DO NOT suggest or condone using any of our products to try to obtain a job, a raise or for anything other than what would be considered novelty use, gag/practical joke purposes, use on film sets or for decoration… Hang it on your living room wall to impress your in-laws or Internet dates but DO NOT use it on a college or job application!
4"Do you offer a 'Verification Service'?"
Apologies but no.
5"What diploma and certificate sizes do you offer?"
Unlike many of our competitors, Cheaper-than-Tuition now offers diplomas in a variety of sizes – Even the more difficult, more expensive to produce “wide format” sizes.

Our diplomas are available in the following sizes:

8.5 x 11 – Most High School & Bachelor diplomas

11 x 14 – Common Master & Ph.D. diploma sizes

8.5 x 14 – Common European diploma/certificate sizes

11 x 17 – Common European Master & Ph.D diploma/certificate sizes
1"Do you have a list of available College and University names I can use?"
You can use virtually any college, university or school name you like (as long as it isn’t on our “What We Won’t Do” list). For reference though, here is a Wikipedia list of all Colleges and Universities in the U.S. by State that might help in choosing a school name.
2"Can you make a replacement diploma for a closed college?"
Each year tens, if not hundreds, of schools, colleges and universities around the world close for one reason or another (click here for a list of closed colleges and universities in the U.S. listed by state). If you have graduated, were awarded a degree from one of these colleges or universities and are having difficulty obtaining a copy or replacement of your diploma or transcripts contact us! We may be able to help!
3"Do your fake diplomas have any watermarks or anything printed on them labeling them as 'novelty' or 'fake'?"
Our products DO NOT feature any type of permanent “watermark” nor is there is anything permanently printed on any of our products labeling them as “fake” in any way.

Our products DO come with a small sticker however labeling them as a “Novelty Document”. These stickers are removable but are just meant to serve as a reminder that all of the novelty diplomas, transcripts and certificates we sell are STRICTLY intended for novelty, decoration or “gag” purposes only.

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