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You can choose whatever name you wish printed on your fake diploma or fake certificate, rather it be your name, a friend or family member’s name or a completely made up name. All of the fake diplomas, fake certificates, fake transcripts and other products and services you can buy from us are intended for novelty purposes, so the choice is yours.
YES! – You can choose just about any college, university or institute name you like to be printed on your fake diploma, certificate or degree! Most school names aren’t a problem. The only names you CAN’T use are the names of the schools, colleges & universities listed on our “What We Won’t Do” page.
You can choose whatever degree type you would like to have printed on your fake diploma, certificate or award (as long as it isn’t related to anything medical and isn’t on our What We Won’t Do page).
As with degree types, you can choose whatever type of major you like! A few examples of degree majors that are most often requested would be degree majors in Business Administration, Finance, Sociology, Fine Art, Communications, and Computer Science.
IF YOU ARE ALSO ORDERING MATCHING FAKE TRANSCRIPTS, the type of degree you would like may be a tad more limited based on the fake transcript class lists / curriculums we have available though, so you might want to check out our Fake Diploma & Transcript Online Order Form and take a look at the options on the “Type of Degree” drop-down menu.
We DO also offer the option of specifying the EXACT information you would like to have printed on your Fake Diploma and transcripts though, so anything is possible. Check out our Fake Transcript Online Order Form for a full list of current options or Contact Us.
The only types of fake degrees and majors we can not make you (even though all of our products are strictly intended for novelty use only) would be anything relating to medicine, medical professions or a few certain other types of degrees (listed HERE) where you could potentially do any serious harm to people or property if the fake diploma, fake degree or fake certificate  you purchase from us is misused.
Choosing a graduation date is entirely up to you.
One tip on CLOSED COLLEGES, SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES – if you are buying a fake diploma or fake certificate because the high school, college or university you attended CLOSED (like MANY do each and every year all around the world… As a matter of fact, click here to view a Wikipedia list of closed colleges, schools and universities in the U.S. by state) and you would like to buy a replica diploma, replica transcript or replica certificate to remember them by, you might want to do a little research before hand to know exactly when they closed so you can choose an appropriate graduation date… just something to think about. 😉
When it comes to college and university fake college diplomas, fake university diplomas and fake college degrees, we also offer “Cum Laude”, “Magna Cum Laude” and “Summa Cum Laude” honors options. These types of honors are commonly found on U.S. and Canadian diplomas and certificates.
If you are ordering a fake university diploma or fake university certificate for a school, college, university or institution outside of the U.S. or Canada that uses a different grading scale and honours system, we will substitute it with the equivalent honours for your appropriate grading system. For example, “Magna Cum Laude” honors in the U.S. and Canada are roughly equivalent to “First Class Honours, Lower Division” for colleges and universities in the UK and other schools throughout Europe.
If you are purchasing a set of fake college / university transcripts with your order, you can even specify your own list of classes/courses taken, grades, grade point average (GPA) and more!
For a FULL list of the fake diploma, fake degree and fake certificate customization options we offer, check out our Fake Diploma Online Order Form or our Fake Diploma and Transcripts Online Order Form!

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