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We Now Offer Digital Email Copies & “Proofs” On Every Order!

Cheaper-than-Tuition now offers an option to receive a digital email copy / "proof" on every order. This gives you the option to see what your order is going to look like before it is shipped, make sure everything is correct and to your liking or just simply get an digital copy quickly so you can ...

Trouble Getting a Replacement Diploma from Your Closed College or University?

Each year tens of Colleges and Universities¬†(if not hundreds worldwide) close, go out of business or lose their accreditation (check out this Wikipedia article for a list of closed colleges and universities by state).¬†This can leave past students with a very difficult – if not impossible – problem when it comes to getting a replacement …


All New Multi-Color Diploma Seal Designs!

Check out our all new high-quality, multi-color diploma seal designs. We’ve just released 10 new, incredibly realistic high school and college diploma and certificate seal designs that are modeled after, closely resemble and are printed using the same methods as the diploma seals featured on many REAL diplomas issued by some of the largest high …


Spring Break Sale!

Take an extra 15% Off all replacement and novelty diplomas and transcripts until March 31st 2018 when you use coupon code “SPRING” at checkout. Click here to customize your own diploma and transcript and order now!


New Diploma Seal Design Available!

Our new ES-01 embossed foil seal design is our best and most authentic-looking novelty/fake high school and college diploma seal design yet! It is a slightly larger 2 3/16-inch seal (as opposed to standard 2-inch seals) and is available in Bright Gold, Matte Gold (as pictured here), Matte Silver, Bright Blue or Bright Red foil. …


Now Available – University-Quality Diploma Covers!

Want to make your novelty diploma or fake degree even more impressive? We now offer university-quality leatherette diploma covers in a variety of colors for all 8.5″ x 11″($24.99) and 11″ x 14″ ($29.99) diplomas. You can customize your own fake diploma and add one of our high quality diploma covers to your order using …


New Diploma Sizes Added! now offers novelty diplomas in not just the standard 8.5″ x 11″, but also in 11″ x 14″ sizes which are commonly used for Masters and Ph.D. diplomas. Additionally, for select UK/European style templates, we offer 8.5″ x 14″ and 11″ x 17″ diplomas as well. To learn more about the novelty diplomas we …


Fake Diploma Reviews! (…are a scam)

The “Fake Diploma Review” Site Gag… If you have spent any time searching around on Google for anything related to the search phrases¬†“fake diploma” or “buy a diploma online“, you have probably noticed that there are quite a few “fake diploma review” websites out there. The majority of these “fake diploma review sites” say they …


Welcome to the NEW Cheaper-than-Tuition Website!

Welcome to the NEW Cheaper-than-Tuition Website! We just recently redesigned our site! We’ve changed quite a bit of stuff (for the better we hope!) This blog is new for one. Aside from this though, you might notice that we have also made changes to our products, prices, options and we have even made the site …