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  • High School Diploma + Transcripts

    Welcome to our Fake High School Diploma and Transcript Online Order Form!

    This is our fake high school degree package that not only includes a fake high school diploma, but two sets of fake high school transcripts as well!

    Below, you will find all of our customization options. We can make your fake high school diploma and transcripts with virtually whatever information you desire… You chose the high school name, grades, GPA, graduation date and more. We even offer a variety of EXTREMELY realistic high school diploma templates that have been designed and based off of REAL high school diplomas from some of the largest high schools in both the U.S. and Canada.

    Our fake high school transcripts are also based off of high school transcript template designs that are used by MANY high schools across the country. As a matter of fact, compared to the REAL high school transcripts offered by most high schools, the novelty high school transcripts we make, very often look more genuine and authentic than the ACTUAL authentic high school transcripts! Of course this is probably because our high school transcripts are printed on the best, high-quality, copy-proof security paper available and we even offer options like security holograms that are only found on the most modern academic transcripts offered by college-prep schools and school districts that have the funding to print the best quality diplomas and transcripts possible.

    Just remember! Our fake high school diplomas and transcripts are strictly intended for novelty use only! 😉

High School Diploma + Transcripts
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