Welcome to the NEW Cheaper-than-Tuition Website!

cheaper-than-tuition-modelWe just recently redesigned our site! We’ve changed quite a bit of stuff (for the better we hope!) This blog is new for one. Aside from this though, you might notice that we have also made changes to our products, prices, options and we have even made the site more interactive and informative making it easier to do stuff like track the status of your order and post comments and reviews on pages like this one.

We have A LOT more planned too. We plan on seriously expanding our product line and offering a variety of fake specialty certificates (TESOL certificates for example), vastly expanding our selection of fake high school diploma and transcript templates and seal designs, offering a wider variety of foreign-style fake diploma, certificates and transcripts (as well as the appropriate, related options), continuing to expand our fake university diploma and transcript templates and seals, and maybe even begin offering padded diploma covers and frames that you can purchase directly through us.

Let us know what you think and stay tuned (as a matter of fact, “follow” or “like” us on Facebook and Twitter. That is another thing that is new)! We will be posting more stuff here as time goes on including some pretty big special offers and discount / “coupon codes” to celebrate getting this new site fired up!