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“Underground Documents”
( is a SCAM!

Recently, we have been hearing A LOT of stories about people being ripped-off by a new fake diploma website called “Underground Documents” (FakeDiplomaNow .com). We decided to take a look at their website today and WOW… Incase it isn’t blatantly and immediately obvious, is a COMPLETE, 100% SCAM.

ALL of the diploma photos, “samples”, images and graphics on their website are images that have been stolen off of other websites, most of which appear to be pictures of people’s REAL degrees they have posted on websites like Facebook and poorly altered by whomever is running this scam (someone that apparently doesn’t know how to use whatever free photo editing program they are using very well).


Don’t just take our word for it though, lets take a look at one of “Underground Documents'” main “fake diploma samples” as found on their website on April 02, 2014…


… And now the same UNALTERED picture found on a BlogSpot Blog that was taken by a woman at her daughter’s REAL graduation (Click Here to take a look. She posted plenty of great graduation ceremony photos too).


The thing about this FakeDiplomaNow scam that REALLY shocked, amazed and angered us though was that A LOT of the images, diploma photos, transcript photos and “samples” on their website that weren’t blatantly stolen from someone’s online resume were stolen directly from OUR OLD WEBSITE! … images and samples that WE CREATED!!!

We can’t resist saying it… F*CK whoever is behind this scam. SERIOUSLY.

According to one of the Rip-Off Reports we came across, that person is named “Sean Marret” from Los Angeles, California 90003.

That is at least the place where one person that got duped by “Underground Documents” / sent hundreds of dollars via MoneyGram… and once the money is sent by MoneyGram or Western Union, you AREN’T getting it back.

Of course, we are guessing that “Sean Marret” probably isn’t this guys real name. Its probably something like “Shawn Marrett” or something like that and 90003 probably isn’t his real zip code, but just a zip code near where he lives around Los Angeles.

We thought it was especially important to bring attention to this “Underground Documents” / scam because although the website looks like it was designed by some kid in a 1996 special-ed class and all of the images and “samples” are stolen from other websites, they have somehow managed to promote the website to the point where it actually has a pretty good Google Page Rank for many popular search terms like “fake diploma” or “fake college transcripts” and because of that, it seems that there are quite a few people falling victim to this scam and it gives other “novelty diploma” websites a bad name, which of course is bad for OUR business.

If you have sent tried to purchase anything from “Underground Documents” /, have been ripped off by them or have any other information, please feel free to post it in the Comments section below.



  • Panichelvam
    June 18, 2014

    I am ripped of USD 800 by this FakeDiplomaNow

  • Fake Diploma Scam Finder
    June 27, 2014

    FakeDiplomaNow is hosted on a server that has 202 domains on it, mostly all scam websites.

    It’s hosted through BC.NET, a shared IT services company for Higher Education and Research in Vancouver, BC CANADA, and is probably either someone that works in the NOC or the IT services there (i.e. an admin) or one of BC.NET’s schools, which is more likely the possibility.

    Funny thing is that they host a bunch of sites like canyoutrustthem [dot] com and
    facebookdevil [dot] com. Some are foreign eastern european EU sites, so it could be that this is just a hacked server on the network.

  • July 9, 2014

    NOTE FROM CHEAPER-THAN-TUITION.COM: We’ve received emails from TWO different people in just the past 12 HOURS that have fallen victim to this “Underground Documents” / FakeDiplomaNow .com scam and have been scammed for more than $500 each.

    One of the people we just talked to were instructed to send a cash payment via MoneyGram Wire Transfer to “William Russo, Los Angeles, CA 90049”

    BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!!! These con-artists sucker people in by SAYING they can make 100% EXACT (counterfeit) diplomas, transcripts, certificates… WHATEVER… They WILL tell you whatever you want to hear just to get you to wire them a ton of cash. Once they have your cash in hand, you will never hear or receive ANYTHING from them.

    Don’t honestly expect to receive ANY kind of refund either. There are supposedly ways in which people can receive Western Union and MoneyGram money transfers without having to show any form of I.D. whatsoever, which is what it seems like these scam artists are doing considering that from all of the stories we have heard, they are asking people to send their cash payment to a completely different person/name each time (As a matter of fact, “Los Angeles, CA 90049” seems to be the only bit of consistent information in their payment instructions)… This is why Western Union and MoneyGram have the warnings about wiring CASH to people you don’t personally KNOW.

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