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Fake Diploma Reviews! (…are a scam)

Fake Diploma Reviews! (…are a scam)

The “Fake Diploma Review” Site Gag…

If you have spent any time searching around on Google for anything related to the search phrases “fake diploma” or “buy a diploma online“, you have probably noticed that there are quite a few “fake diploma review” websites out there.

The majority of these “fake diploma review sites” say they offer “impartial reviews” of various websites that are selling novelty diplomas and transcripts online.

The fact is, ALL of these “fake diploma review” websites are owned and operated by the same people that own one fake diploma site or another (or in some cases, MANY).


This is “Fuzzi Pop” – owner of and the fake diploma “review” site (Yes. Seriously). Fuzzi Pop gives Cheaper-than-Tuition a “NEUTRAL” rating. According to Fuzzi Pop’s OKCupid profile, Fuzzi Pop can’t live without Pop Rocks, p*ssy, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, strawberry flavored Chapstick and Tanqueray. Cheaper-than-Tuition thinks Fuzzi Pop looks like he stuck his Fuzzi d*ck in a light socket. Fuzzi Pop can can go Fuzzi f*ck himself.

Some websites offering “fake diploma reviews” do a pretty good job of hiding it and look as if they really do offer honest, impartial reviews at first glance. Others are more obvious (or lazy) and even run banner ads for whatever fake diploma site they are owned by next to the absolutely gleaming reviews they have written about themselves (…and from what we have seen, the “good”, “ehh, they’re OK… Just not as good as [fill in the blank] website is” or “these guys are scam-artists!” reviews they have written about us.).

If you think about it, common sense alone would tell you that any “fake diploma review” website or blog is most likely complete bullsh*t. Honestly, would YOU ever be SO into fake diplomas that you decided to spend a good deal of your free time and THOUSANDS of dollars ordering from all of these different fake / novelty / replica diploma websites just to be some kind of good samaritan or something? NO. You most likely have much better things to do and better things to spend your money on.

We are pretty sure that we have never had any of our competitors (errr…”fake diploma review websites“) ever actually “review” ANY of our products, and we are POSITIVE that if they have, they decided not to do us the favor of posting it on their review site.

We just wanted to post a quick blurb about this to let people know about this “fake diploma review” site gag incase you weren’t already aware. The whole thing is just underhanded, shady and you’ve really gotta ask yourself “Do I really want to buy something online from a website that is already trying to blatantly trick me?”. I mean, if they are obviously will to do that, then what else are they going to say to get you to give them your money?

Here is a brief list of “fake diploma review sites” and the Fake Diploma websites that are running them:

  • DiplomaOne .com = ND-Center .com
  • RightTrackRef .org = ND-Center .com
  • BestFakeDiploma .com = BuyAFakeDiploma .com
  • Underground-Review .com = BackAlleyPress .com
  • FakeDiploma-Review .org = PhonyDiploma .com / DiplomaWorld .com / RealisticDiplomas .com / + Probably a couple more
  • FakeDiplomaReview .org = DiplomaCompany .com

… and I am sure there are probably a few more I have missed too. It seems like every time I look, there is a new one out there.

If any of you out there have been mislead by one of these websites and feel like you have been scammed, please feel free to drop us a comment below!



  • mike
    June 25, 2014

    Yes I just got scammed by diploma and more fuck bitch asses…..

  • June 25, 2014

    Care to share any details or be more specific Mike? Also, which website was it exactly?